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Stating that there are some issues that affect the negotiation process although they are not a part of the negotiation chapters, President Akıncı called for the Greek Cypriot side to avoid steps which will harm the negotiation process.

Speaking to the press after the meeting with the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide, Akıncı stated that he shared his concerns with Eide regarding the issues that may affect the negotiation process that have not been discussed yet. Akıncı described the meeting as “useful”.

Stating that one of the factors that affects the negotiation process is the exploration activities for natural resources in the South of the island and the negotiation process was dissolved due to this issue, Akıncı said, “Neither side want to experience a similar situation again so the Greek Cypriot side should act more carefully.”

Indicating that the natural resources under the sea belong to both sides, Akıncı said that the natural resources will be under the authority of the federal government in case of an agreement. Akıncı added that the natural resources may contribute to the cost of the solution and all parties will gain advantage in this way.

Referring to the issue of the new tenders regarding the natural resources in South Cyprus, Akıncı said that he shared with Mr. Eide their concerns regarding the issue of the new tender that has been covered in the media.

Stating that they received information that some “Turkish Cypriot” and “Romany” families were evicted from their houses in Limassol, Akıncı asked “Why is this happening now?” and added that he hoped to receive more information from the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades about this development at the leaders meeting on Monday.

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