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Stating that it is the destiny of the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots to live together, President Akıncı said that we need to find a way which can provide equality and security for both sides in the island. Akıncı pointed out that there is a common will and efforts within the context of improving social relationships and confidence-building measures and he underlined their aim for reaching a comprehensive settlement. Receiving the Chairman of the Board of the İzmir Chamber of Commerce Ekrem Demirtaş as well his accompanying delegation; Akıncı stated that a great potential will arise with reunification of Cyprus and relations with the West will also be improved. Touching upon the issue of Hydrocarbons, Akıncı said that natural gas should be used as a catalyst for a settlement and it should be focused on preparing and planning the future rather than fighting over the island’s natural resources and making threats. There is still not enough gas found but it would only be logical to combine the island’s natural gas with that from Israel and sending it to Europe via Turkey. He also underlined that if there is will and determination, the Cyprus issue will not continue forever.

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