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President Mustafa Akıncı Made his first official overseas visit to Republic of Turkey.

Akıncı and his delegation who went to Ankara from Ercan Airport with a private Jet of Republic of Turkey is welcomed with an official ceremony at Esenboğa Airport.

In Ankara Akıncı first met with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu then he met with the President of Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

At the joint press conference organized by two presidents, desire for a solution to the Cyprus Problem within this year is emphasized.

Turkey’s President Erdogan stated that they had the opportunity to talk about what steps to take about Cyprus issue and what role to take in the period in front of them. Erdoğan said:

“We have supported all kinds of approach in good faith and UN’s efforts so far. We are hoping to reach a solution within the framework of principles of the Joint statement dated 11th February I want to underline specially this matter. It is not possible to get a result with only efforts and dedication of the Turkish side. So far our Turkish brothers have showed all kinds of effort, put strong will, and have proven that they are the willing party for a solution. From now on the Greek side should stop riding the job uphill, and show sincere effort. If this can happen we believe 2015 will be the year of solution in Cyprus. The opportunity for a solution should not be wasted like in 2004. We can however reach a solution at the negotiating table within the framework of the UN. Apart from this, putting pressure on Turkey or Turkish Cypriot side to reach an outcome is useless. So far however we supported till today, we will continue our support.

Erdoğan who gave information about the work to realize a major project he qualified as the “Century Project” to meet the water needs of the TRNC pointed out that 75 million cubic meters of drinking and irrigation water per year, will be brought to Cyprus with the drinking water supply project.

President Akıncı also stated that the Cyprus problem has come to an important threshold point and said: “After I have been elected, I’m observing a positive atmosphere in the international environment, which is an additional source of power. I believe at this new case that the international conjuncture has brought, we will show efforts to move further the vision of solution we have been continuing for so long.” Akıncı pointed out that this will not be one sided effort, and that he wished for the leader of the Greek Cypriot administration Anastasiadis to share the solution vision he revealed during the election campaign and also in the handover ceremony later. Akıncı expressed that Anastasiadis is the only Greek Cypriot leader who said yes to 2004 referendum of Annan Plan but no longer carried on that position because of 75 percent of “No’s. Akıncı wished, Anastasiadis’s vision in 2004 comes up again today at the new situation, and they reach a conclusion of the negotiations which have been going on since 1968 by maintaining a useful dialogue process and the Turkish Cypriot community becomes part of the international community.

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