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Mustafa Akıncı got together and discussed the issue of the 28 minefields with Lisa Buttenheim, Chief of the UN Peace Keeping Force Mission and UNFICYP’s General Commander, Kristen Lund.

According to the statement of the Presidency Spokesman Barış Burcu; Akıncı told the UN officials that the coordinates at the 28 minefields are insufficient and asked them to obtain all the details regarding the minefields and convey them to the Turkish Cypriot side. Moreover, Akıncı asked UN mine experts to join these efforts the soonest and in the most effective manner.

Lund promised Akıncı that they could obtain detailed information on this issue within a few days from the Ministry of Defense of the Greek Cypriot Administration. According to the statement; Buttenheim has approached Akıncı’s request on this “humanitarian issue” positively and said that “the UN will do whatever it can and will be in continuous cooperation with the political and military authorities of both sides on this issue”.

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