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Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ send a message to the Greek Cypriot administration saying: “Your addressee about hydrocarbons as well as on the issue of comprehensive solution of the Cyprus Problem is not Turkey, it’s the Turkish Cypriot side.” Ertuğ noted that there is no need for Greek Cypriot administration to request for any intermediary or to try to put any third party to action on this matter. Mentioning the Greek Cypriot administration leader Nikos Anastasiades’s statement about giving a message to Russian government President Valdamir Putin to pass it on to the President of the motherland Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ertuğ said: “they can convey the messages that they want to convey directly to the Turkish Cypriot side, to our President whom has been waiting for them for months at the table.”

Osman Ertuğ said: “if the Greek Cypriot side wants to address Motherland Turkey, the way for that is certain, and this is a quartet or quintet meeting that includes guarantors and motherlands together with Turkish Cypriot side and Greek Cypriot side.”

Osman Ertuğ said: “In the past, on similar conditions where Greek side was carrying on unilateral hydrocarbon activities and Turkey was carrying on seismic research on our behalf, the talks were carried on without interruption. So under the image of ‘formation of conditions’, reason of the insistence of Greek side for not returning to the table, is not our seismic research or our Navtex but it’s negotiations reaching the stage of give and take. It’s the lack of will and courage by the Greek Cypriot side with various excuses. The Greek Cypriot side doesn’t want to share the power and authority, and the natural wealth of the island as an equal partner with the Turkish Cypriot side.

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