It has come to our attention through its statement that the Greek Cypriot leadership has unilaterally suspended the comprehensive settlement negotiations.

It is totally unacceptable for the negotiations, which have been ongoing for nearly 50 years with a view to finding a just and viable solution on the Island, to be interrupted for any excuse. Such an approach is in complete contradiction with the expectations of the two peoples on the Island and the international community to find a solution in the shortest possible time, as well as with the commitments of the two leaders to this end.

The fact that the Greek Cypriot leadership, which claims that the issue of the natural resources on and around the Island and the comprehensive settlement negotiations are two unrelated issues, has used the issue of natural resources as an excuse to suspend the negotiations constitutes a disingenuous and contradictory approach.

As is well known, it has always been the Greek Cypriot side which has rejected all our proposals towards using natural resources as a means of cooperation between the two sides on the Island and our region and which has insisted on taking unilateral steps by purporting to be the sole authority on this issue.

The positive atmosphere which arose following the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014, was not reflected on the negotiating table due to the repeated negative steps taken by the Greek Cypriot leadership. In this connection, the fact that the Greek Cypriot leader first refrained from sitting at the negotiation table for a long time by making various excuses, then put forward the precondition of issuing a joint statement, and later continued questioning the previously reached convergences in disrespect of the Joint Declaration that was ultimately agreed upon, has prevented the process from progressing in the desired manner. At a time when it was expected that the negotiation process is revitalized by the Joint Declaration of 11 February and the appointment of the new Special Advisor on Cyprus of the UN Secretary-General, it is seriously thought-provoking that the process is unilaterally blocked with an abrupt decision of the Greek Cypriot leadership.

Given that it has been accepted by all relevant parties that the resolution of all controversial issues pertaining to the island of Cyprus depends on a comprehensive settlement, the expectation from the Greek Cypriot side is to be present at the negotiating table in a sincere and constructive way and to contribute to the emergence of reconciliation by displaying the necessary political will rather than by creating impediments to the negotiations. Our future should be established on cooperation and peace rather than tension. With this understanding, we invite the Greek Cypriot side to reconsider this severe mistake in the shortest possible time and to return to the negotiating table.