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Indicating that the compensation amount on property is exaggerated and it is pointless to discuss the cost of the solution, Greek lecturer and consultant Yorgos Prokopakis said that huge economic gains will arise from the settlement of the Cyprus problem. Giving an interview to Greek Cypriot daily Alithia and Politis, Prokopakis said that the leaders are obliged to proceed towards a settlement on the Cyprus problem and it is a success that the leaders of the two communities currently have a constructive dialogue.

Stating that in case of a settlement, compensation will be given within the bounds of possibilities, Prokopakis said that the importance given to compensation is blocking the real perspectives arising from the reunification.

According to the news, Prokopakis stated that the Greek Cypriot economy has started to stand on its own feet again, but there are some risks in backstage. Prokopakis also mentioned that the hydrocarbon reserves in South Cyprus’s so-called “Exclusive Economic Zone” is a “golden opportunity” both for new investment opportunities and for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

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