We strongly condemn the false statements by a Greek Cypriot parliamentarian to the effect that “the pages of the books taught in the Greek Cypriot schools in Dipkarpaz are torn”. The Greek Cypriot parliamentarian made this statement in relation to the fact that the page containing the part about our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was to be torn from a book used in the secondary education in South Cyprus and then the book being assessed as  “inappropriate” and having it collected outright.

The Greek Cypriot officials’ attempts to attribute their own racist activities to the Turkish Cypriot side by distorting the truth with false statements, is the most obvious example of the well-known distorted mentality of the Greek Cypriot side.

The Turkish Cypriot side has never displayed such an approach towards the textbooks taught in the Greek Cypriot schools in Dipkarpaz, which have been operating in our country for many years. On the contrary, it has always shown a constructive approach on the books that are taught. We are faced with an Administration that is trying to instill racism in the youth, who are the future of a country. We consider the Greek Cypriot officals’ statements, which amount to slander and lie, the aim of which is to cover their shame in history, to be beneath contempt.