The Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus stated once again on 29 October 2022 that 29 October is designated as the “Day of Missing Persons in Cyprus” whose fate has not been verified since 1974. We strongly condemn the Greek Cypriot administration for continuing to exploit the issue of missing persons as a political tool. The Greek Cypriot side totally disregards the losses of the Turkish Cypriot People whose agony started in 1963 way into 1974 ending only with the timely intervention of Motherland Türkiye deriving from her guarantor rights.

The Greek Cypriot side who claims that it is against the politicization of the issue of missing persons in Cyprus, is indeed exploiting the issue as a propaganda tool. Coinciding this commemoration with the date of the establishment of the Republic of Türkiye is also disrespectful and is an insult to the Turkish Cypriot people.

The Greek Cypriot side, at every opportunity, resorts to the futile effort of ignoring the Turkish Cypriot people, its only counterpart on the Cyprus issue, and treating Türkiye as its counterpart. We invite the Greek Cypriot side, who has gone as far as manipulating the historical facts of the island according to its own interests, even using the agony of the relatives of the disappeared, to act with prudence and to refrain from taking steps that will jeopardize the work of the Committee on Missing Persons.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has always done its part to prevent the exploitation of the issue of missing persons as a political tool and supported the work of the Committee of Missing Persons, the only mechanism authorised to handle the issue of missing persons, and will continue to do so.

A meaningful dialogue which will pave the way for the two sovereign equal States to live side by side in good neighbourly relations can only be established between the two Peoples if and when the Greek Cypriot side accepts the fact that the Turkish Cypriot people are the co-owners of this island.