The Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deep sorrow over loss of lives as a result of attempts of a fait accompli, in complete disregard of the rights and sensitivities of the Palestinian people in Palestine.

Similar to its acts in the Arab-Israeli wars, the USA has again acted contravention to international law and the principle of peaceful settlement of conflicts. We deplore the USA for triggering the events that led to loss of lives, as well as the state of Israel for the disproportionate use of force it employed against civilians.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to stress the importance of avoiding policies, in long-enduring international conflicts, in any part of the world that would trigger violence and also the requirement that all parties to a conflict should try to settle their differences by peaceful means.

We invite international organizations as well as the international community, particularly the UN and the EU, to take the necessary measures against these grave developments.

We attach great importance to and support the fact that the Organization for Islamic Cooperation is due to hold an extraordinary summit meeting upon the call of Turkey. The TRNC will attend this summit meeting, express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and demonstrate once again our will to be part of the international community.

In the twenty first century, such events where violence has been used against civilians before the eyes of the international community, have proven once again that security is one of the most fundamental elements for the survival of People. In this context, we invite those who are having difficulties or are refusing to understand why the Turkish Cypriot People demand an effective guarantee system ensuring our security, to pay close attention to the developments in Palestine.