The Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus has recently launched an armament program despite the fact that it knows that it would lead to the escalation of tension. In addition to purchasing unmanned aerial vehicles and heavy weaponry, the Greek Cypriot side has also increased the number of and deepened the military alliances against our country. Its armament is threatening the stability and peace on our island and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Cypriot administration’s continuation of armament, intending to threaten our country, and of provocative actions serves nothing but to heighten tension. For the maintenance of security and peace in the region, it is important for the relevant countries to abandon their stance of supporting the armament policy of the Greek Cypriot side. With a view to finding solutions to the island-wide problems and implementing confidence building measures, our country has been putting forward various constructive proposals and trying to pave the way for dialogue and cooperation. It’s obvious that the TRNC together with the Republic of Turkey will not hesitate to take necessary measures as long as the Greek Cypriot administration continues its armament program. The Greek Cypriot side’s heavy armament proves, once again, how vital Turkey’s effective guarantee for the security of Turkish Cypriot People is.