We warn the Greek Cypriot Administration to cease its armament activities, which have particularly increased in the recent period going beyond the purpose of defence. These activities, are not only threatening but are also insincere and provocative especially at a time when attempts are made to build confidence between the two sides.

 The Greek Cypriot Administration through procurement of heavy weaponry from Serbia is adding to its stockpile of armaments. It has come to our attention that the Greek Cypriot Administration is in the process of purchasing 8 Milosh BOV M16 4×4 multi-purpose armoured vehicles used for patrol missions, reconnaissance, personnel transportation and as ambulance, along with 24 Nora B-52 155 mm, which is self-propelled artillery. The artillery in question are 8×8 vehicles which can fire 11 bullets in 60 seconds, at various calibres, at a range of 42 kilometres and is equipped with GPS. In addition, 41 Leopard 2A4 battle tanks and 2 naval armed vessels will be purchased from Germany and France respectively, in order to reinforce the Greek Cypriot Administration’s naval forces.

The aforementioned naval vessels, which will be included in the inventory of the Greek Cypriot Administration navy for the first time, will be stationed at the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base in Mari, where reorganization work to accommodate these vessels has already began. As will be recalled, in order to reinforce the security cooperation between France and the Greek Cypriot Administration, the two countries have enhanced their defence agreement, permitting construction of a new naval station in Mari, which will be allocated for the use of the French navy.

As understood from the above information, these steps indicate that the intention is far beyond that of defence.

Apart from these steps, it will be recalled that the Greek Cypriot Administration made numerous attempts to achieve the lifting of the arms embargo imposed on the Greek Cypriot side by the USA, upon which our Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, during his visit to Washington DC, took initiatives to prevent such an outcome. It is evident that if the arms embargo imposed by the US is lifted on the Greek Cypriot Administration, the latter will further increase its stockpile of weapons and armaments leading to escalation of tension between the two sides. These actions of the Greek Cypriot side not only threaten the delicate balance as well as the security and tranquillity on the island and the Eastern Mediterranean, but also contradicts the philosophy of establishing a partnership based on cooperation.

The recent armament activities of the Greek Cypriot administration reveal the true intentions of the Greek Cypriot leadership as regards the future of the island and entails a level of hostility not witnessed in a long time. At this point, we urge the Greek Cypriot Administration to refrain from taking steps that would prompt reciprocal action on our part.