On the 23rd Anniversary of the massacre of hundreds of innocent Azerbaijani cognates which took place in the Khojaly town of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region on 26 February 1992, the Turkish Cypriot people deeply feel the pain and share the grief of the brotherly people of Azerbaijan.

This tragic event is like an open wound for the people of Azerbaijan, as well as, the Turkish nation. The Turkish Cypriot Community had witnessed similar tormenting events not too long ago, when they were victim to brutal attacks, losing many lives.

The Khojaly massacre which took place before the eyes of the world is a stark reminder of the dark side of conflicts and wars, and once again brings to light the necessity to develop good neighbourly and cooperative relations among countries for serenity and stability. Also, it reminds us the need to embrace peace.

We shall continue to be by the side of the friendly and fraternal people of Azerbaijan in their just and rightful struggle.