It is apparent that the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) is standing idle in the face of the increasing civilian and military violations of the Greek Cypriot side in the buffer zone.

Some time ago, the Greek Cypriot side constructed a cinema in the buffer zone in Derinya, in violation of the status of the buffer zone. It is unacceptable that UNFICYP refrained from protesting this violation. Similarly, with the aim of gaining a military advantage, the Greek Cypriot side has violated the buffer zone by placing 233 portable concrete positions along the border line, 35 of which are in the buffer zone. UNFICYP continues to refrain from making any calls to lift these heavy weapons positions.

The Greek Cypriot side’s violations of the buffer zone are not limited to these activities: it has also laid barbed wire within the buffer zone. On 11 November 2021, on the western face of Ledra Palace Hotel and along the UNFICYP patrol route, UNFICYP soldiers and Greek Cypriot civilians have been seen conducting joint surveys. It is known that the Greek Cypriot side plans to construct a courthouse in this area. It is on record that the TRNC strongly rejects any such move.

We would like to remind that, with a view to maintaining stability and peace, the TRNC is ready to engage in all forms of cooperation with the Greek Cypriot side, whether regarding the buffer zone, the island as a whole or on matters concerning our region.

We have repeatedly emphasized to UNFICYP authorities that their leniency towards the Greek Cypriot side will only lead to the increase of violations by the Greek Cypriot side in the buffer zone  and that these violations will be considered by the TRNC within the framework of reciprocity.