The United States Administration, who recently announced the lifting of its longstanding arms embargo imposed on the Greek Cypriot administration since 1987, continues to display a provocative stance against our State and Türkiye. United States Department of State has announced on 30 September that this time the Greek Cypriot National Guard is paired with New Jersey National Guard to enable the Greek Cypriot side to be part of the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Programme of the United States Department of State.

This statement for cooperation in the field of defense, made only a short time after the removal of the arms embargo, aims at nothing more than escalating the tension on the island and in the region. The support and encouragement extended by the US Administration towards the Greek Cypriot Administration in political and military fields is not acceptable in any form. It is our assessment that the United States of America is displaying an ill-natured approach against the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Türkiye, by aligning with the Greek Cypriot side and Greece duo.

In light of these developments, it would not be possible to expect the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Türkiye to remain indifferent.  As such, the officials have already declared to the world that they will take the necessary steps, with determination, for the protection of security of Türkiye and the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people, in face of the steps taken by the USA in favor of Greek Cypriot Administration and Greece. It is without doubt that we will defend our rights and interests on the Island of Cyprus and in the region, together with our sole protector and supporter Motherland Türkiye.

We invite US Administration, who seems to have the intention to distance the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Türkiye from itself and alter the already delicate balance in favor of the Greek Cypriot side and Greece, to act with common sense. We also invite all parties to engage in dialogue and cooperation, as always, for the establishment and maintenance of a peaceful environment on the island and in the region.

As we always reiterate, such developments are direct proof of how Türkiye’s effective and factual guarantee on the island is justified and indispensable.