On 30 September 2021, the United States of America (US) has taken a decision to allow for another year the export of military equipment to the Greek Cypriot administration (GCA) of South Cyprus, within the framework of its decision taken last year to lift the arms sales restrictions it had imposed on the GCA for decades. This decision, which will enable the continuation of sales of military equipment to the Greek Cypriot side, is unacceptable.

We are bearing witness to the advancement of military relations between the US and the Greek Cypriot side. It is evident that the new policy of the US is not limited to military equipment sales, but also involves joint military exercises and other activities. Moveover, it is amply clear that this recent approach of the US, which has afforded a military advantage to the GCA, will only further embolden the provocative actions of the Greek Cypriot side.

Contrary to the purported aim of the US to ensure stability in the region, this pro-Greek Cypriot approach will serve no other purpose than to escalate tensions on the island and in the region.

The goal of the Greek Cypriot administration to increase its arms and build up military alliances proves how justified we are in protecting, alongside Guarantor Turkey, our legitimate rights and interests in the region and on the island. We expect all parties, including the US, to abandon their stance of supporting the provocative policies of the GCA and assist efforts to reach a sustainable agreement based on the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two States.