The decades long arms sales restriction imposed on Greek Cypriot Administration by the United States of America was partially lifted in 2020 and the same position was renewed in 2021.  It is announced by the United States Administration on 16 September 2022 that a new decision is taken to enable the entire removal of arms sales restrictions towards the Greek Cypriot side. This decision, which has taken at the expense of escalating tension on the island and in the region, is unacceptable.

The decision of the United States Administration to enable arms sales towards the Greek Cypriot Administration clearly portrays that the military and armament activities of the Greek Cypriot side, which has reach to an alarming level recently, are being condoned.  At a period of time where Greek Cypriot side has signed an agreement on purchase of attack helicopters with France and paced its efforts to procure missile and radar systems along with military equipment, the statement of the United States of America to remove arms sales embargo is constituting a matter of concern.

It is difficult to believe in the sincerity of the United States of America when it has decided to arm the Greek Cypriot side, while on one other hand claiming to support an agreement reached between the two sides on the island and preserving stability in the region. The target of the arms and equipment to be sold to the Greek Cypriot Administration is obvious. Therefore, perpetuation of the effective and actual guarantee of Türkiye, which is provided under the Treaty of Guarantees, is by no means questionable and evidently vital more than ever.

It is worth highlighting, once again, that we are expecting all third parties, including the USA, to withdraw their support to the provocative activities of the Greek Cypriot side and to assist the two States on the island towards reaching a viable agreement that shall be on the basis of  their sovereign equality and equal international status.