As is known, demonstrations were carried out by a group of Greek Cypriots on 29th of November 2018 who demanded the closure of the crossing points leading to the temporary blockage of crossings at the Derinya checkpoint. The same group also distributed a calendar declaring their intention to continue their provocative activities which damage the trust between the two sides. We have been informed that the aforementioned group will next pass through the village of Pile/Pyla and continue their obstructionist activities at the Pyla-Beyarmudu/Pergamos crossing point on 9 December 2018. Residents of both Pyla and Beyarmudu/Pergamos have contacted our Ministry expressing their overall discomfort regarding such a demonstration and demanded that such demonstrations not be allowed at the said location where crossings are already made with great difficulty due to high volume.

As the Deputy Prime Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have taken the necessary initiatives by contacting both the UN Peace Keeping Force and British High Commission concerning these actions which aim to damage the trust as well as escalate tensions between both the communities in Pyla. Our expectation is for both the UN Peacekeeping Force and the British High Commission to fulfil their responsibilities and not to permit such activities which may lead to the escalation of tensions between the two sides in general and the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in particular. We hereby stress the fact that the tensions which have been created for some time now will not benefit either side in any way, and declare that we will continue to follow and monitor the situation and will share any developments with the public in due course.