We have been informed by the Greek Cypriot authorities that a server upgrade will be carried out at the Greek Cypriot border gates from 15:30 hours on 6 October, 2023 until Monday, 9 October 2023. Within the scope of the mentioned upgrade, the online system which is used to carry out the identity checks for the crossings of the Turkish Cypriot people will not be operational.

We have been further informed that, since the online system at the Greek Cypriot border gates will not work, Turkish Cypriot people who try to cross the border can be asked to provide additional documentation alongside their identity cards and passports and those who cannot present the documents will not be allowed to cross the border.

Upon our further enquiry, we have been informed that the said additional documents can be marriage certificates of those who are married with a Turkish Cypriot and birth certificates of those whose one parent is a Turkish Cypriot.