The Greek Cypriot side obstructed the regular crossing of the vehicles at Yeşilırmak Border Gate yesterday (3/3/2021), which is carried out under Yeşilırmak Agreement, to transport logistic supplies to our military contingent stationed in Erenköy. Although the necessary notifications have been made in compliance with the provisions of the said agreement, the Greek Cypriot side’s obstruction of the regular supply transportation is a clear violation of the Yeşilırmak Agreement. This is not the first violation of the agreement by the Greek Cypriot side.

The obstruction of the routine transportation of supplies, which is a humanitarian issue in nature aimed at meeting the basic needs of our contingent in Erenköy, the deployment of 223 prefabricated heavy weapon concrete firing positions along the contact line, 35 of which are in the buffer zone, and the prevention of crossings of tourists who want to visit our country through the border gates are the recent examples of the Greek Cypriot side’s policy of escalating tension.

Our Ministry has already taken up the matter at the highest level with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) for the immediate cessation of the violation of Yeşilırmak Agreement and strongly protested it. Inevitably, our country will be compelled to take reciprocal measures unless the Yeşilırmak Agreement is honoured.