We condemn the conduct of the joint military exercise “Agapinor 2022” by the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus (GCA) and Israel, at the expense of exacerbating tension in the region.

The GCA is increasing its armament activities and military exercises, as well as its other unilateral actions day by day. The military activities of the Greek Cypriot side prove beyond doubt that it is not interested in trust building between the two Peoples on the island and its statements paying lip service to the building of trust have no other aim but to deceive public opinion.

The military relations established with the Greek Cypriot side and the joint exercises of Israel and other relevant countries are tantamount to supporting such activities of the Greek Cypriot side. It is these kinds of activities that prevent the needed stability and peace in the region. We expect Israel and other relevant countries to cease supporting provocative policies of the GCA and encourage it to work towards reaching an agreement based on the sovereign equality of the two States on the island.

The military activities, including the military exercises, carried out against our country by the GCA, require us to defend our rights and interests unabated, together with Guarantor Motherland Türkiye. We are determined to continue defending our rights and interest.