During the speech delivered at the 78th United Nations General Assembly, the Greek Cypriot leader Christodoulides made shallow, insincere and disrespectful statements towards the Turkish Cypriot people that are detached from the historical background and the current realities on the island.

The Greek Cypriot leader repeated in his speech the claim that there is “occupation and invasion” problem in Cyprus, hiding behind the claim of being the sole representative of the entire island and going as far as claiming that he spoke on behalf of all “communities” in Cyprus. We would like to remind the Greek Cypriot leader that the only occupation on the island is the usurpation of the partnership state through force of arms by the Greek Cypriot side in 1963. Christodoulides’ speech from the UN platform is a new manifestation of this occupation. The Greek Cypriot leader does not have the right and authority to represent the Turkish Cypriot people and/or the entire island.

With his speech, Christodoulides is trying to obscure the massacres and atrocities committed against the co-owners of the island of Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot people, between 1963 and 1974. Another incident that the Greek Cypriot leader finds it convenient to ignore is the Greek Cypriot/Greek coup that took place just before the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, which was the real cause of the operation. Christodoulides continues the decades old disinformation campaign by distorting historical facts with an attempt to portray the Greek Cypriot people as “victims” of the Cyprus issue, which in fact was created by the Greek Cypriot side itself.

The approach of Christodoulides, which goes as far as sending a message to the President of the Republic of Türkiye by refraining from treating the Turkish Cypriot Side as counterpart, is a great insincerity and disrespect towards the Turkish Cypriot people.

The attitude of Christodoulides that ignores the existence of Turkish Cypriot people has demonstrated, once again, the rightfulness of quest of the Turkish Cypriot Side on the two State policy based on sovereign equality and equal international status.

The Turkish Cypriot people will continue to exist on this island and will not give up their inherent rights. The Greek Cypriot state does not and cannot, in any way and under any circumstances, represent the Turkish Cypriot people. The only representative of the Turkish Cypriot people is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which they established by their own free will.

Christodoulides’ statement that negotiations should start on the basis of the unsuccessful “federation” model which failed due to the intransigent attitude of the Greek Cypriot leadership during the negotiations that continued for more than half a century, is far from sincerity and demonstrates a clear example of hypocrisy. We will never accept a process that would indefinitely restrain the Turkish Cypriot people to the negotiation table and would create a comfort zone for the Greek Cypriot side to continue the isolation imposed upon the Turkish Cypriot people. The Turkish Cypriot people cannot waste another 50 years.

We would like to remind that a fair, realistic and sustainable agreement on the island today is possible through good neighbourly relations based on cooperation between two independent States.