The Israeli government continues to make statements that are inconsistent with realities with an aim of diverting international public opinion away from its inhuman attacks in Gaza and the West Bank, as well its massacre against Palestinian civilians. The most recent example of this is the statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, claiming that Iran is using our country for terrorist activities. We vehemently reject this baseless allegation, which lacks evidence and is ill-intentioned.

The Israeli government’s efforts to target our country are clearly spiteful, especially given the Greek Cypriot administration’s clear support for terrorism, such as harboring the PKK, which has been persisting in its bloody campaign against our brothers and sisters in Motherland Türkiye for years, as well as hosting Russian oligarchs by acting as a hub for money laundering, a fact that has been recognized by international reports.

We hereby declare to the world that we will not allow the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a country of calm and security, to be drawn into dark and vicious games, and that we will resolutely continue to ensure the security of everyone living in our country.