The expressions used by the Greek Cypriot Administration Foreign Minister Yannis Kasulidis against Motherland Turkey, during the recent visit of the Serbian Foreign Minister to the Greek Cypriot administration, are unacceptable.

The only reason for the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean is the unilateral activities carried out by the Greek Cypriot administration. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Türkiye are taking and will continue to take equivalent steps against these unilateral actions in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests. The TRNC and Türkiye have made initiatives and offered constructive suggestions to ensure peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. The latest proposals of our President are very recent. We would also like to underline that our constructiveness should not be perceived as a weakness.

We would also like to remind Mr. Kasulidis that; Maraş is the territory of the TRNC and the decision-making authority regarding this land belongs to the TRNC.

There is no moral value in the Serbian Foreign Minister’s denial of the existence of the Turkish Cypriot People by only meeting with the Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister and supporting the known views of the Greek Cypriot side on the Cyprus issue. We hope that he is aware of the fact that all the negotiation processes carried out within the framework of the United Nations parameters have been repeatedly rejected by the Greek Cypriot side and that the negotiation processes on this ground have now come to an end.

The acceptance of the proposal of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus based on the sovereign equality of the two States on the island and their equal international status will pave the way for an agreement in line with the realities on the island. Only in this way, the parties will be presented with a freely negotiated and mutually acceptable new ground and it will contribute not only to the two Peoples on the island, but also to the prosperity and stability of the Eastern Mediterranean region.