On the occasion of the anniversary of the second phase of the Cyprus Peace Operation, the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has made a statement. With this statement, Dendias is trying to avoid the remembrance of the black stain left by the Greek Cypriot-Greek duo in history and to distort the historical and legal facts.

The massacres and the attacks perpetrated by Greek Cypriot gangs against the Turkish Cypriot people within the framework of the Akritas Plan, which forced us to leave 103 of our villages, and the desperation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force against these massacres still remain in our memories. Dendias, like all other Greek and Greek Cypriot officials, is in denial of these massacres and is acting as if they never happened, thus trying to vindicate this black stain in their history.

The coup, initiated with the support of the Greek junta in order to annex the Island to Greece, is the only invasion movement on the Island. Dendias’ groundless claim regarding the legitimate intervention of Motherland Turkey is not included in any resolution of the relevant United Nations Security Council. It is obvious that all Dendias’ efforts are aimed at distorting the facts and misleading the international community.

Today, the environment of peace and tranquility on the Island has been ensured by Turkey’s legitimate operation. On this occasion, we would like to emphasize once again that the acceptance of two sovereign equal States living in good neighbourly relations is the most realistic solution model.