Pile Commission, which was established in 1997 and continued its work during certain periods, has commenced its work once again with the facilitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to ensure necessary coordination regarding the construction of Yiğitler-Pile road, as well as following up on issues related to Pile Village and its surroundings. The Commission held its first meeting this morning with the participation of representatives from all our relevant institutions. In this context, the Commission deems it useful; once again, to bring the following to the public’s attention:

  • Statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated 9 October 2023 and 17 October 2023 touched upon the issue of Pile Area in general and the construction of the Yiğitler-Pile road in particular, stating that an understanding has been reached following intense negotiations with UNFICYP, on the road construction project which was commenced in order to address the difficulties faced by the Turkish Cypriot residents of Pile for many years. Within the framework of this understanding, our rightful position in the area will be protected and the Yiğitler-Pile roadworks will be continued in order to complete the project as soon as possible.
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will continue its constructive attitude demonstrated until today, towards the projects that can contribute to the development of the residents of Pile; respects the status of Pile and implemented in consultation with all relevant parties.
  • We underline once again that any project pertaining to the use of the said area cannot be realized without the approval of the Turkish Cypriot side.
  • We also would like to remind all parties that we consider the Turkish Mukhtar of Pile as the only authorized local authority in Pile Village.
  • The Commission will continue working towards completion of the Yiğitler-Pile road project as soon as possible and will inform the public regarding the developments.
  • The Commission will closely follow all work and initiatives in and around Pile Village based on the principle, which is of utmost priority, that our rightful position in the area is not jeopardized.