In a recent statement the Minister of Defence of the Greek Cypriot administration (GCA) openly states that he sees the Island of Cyprus as a Hellenic island and that the Greek Cypriot aim is to drive the Turkish Cypriots out of their cities and villages.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has chanted to establish a constructive cooperation relationship between two sovereign equal states on the basis of the principle of good neighborly relations. The Greek Cypriot side, on the other hand,  has recently accelerated their activities to turn the Island into a weapons depot. The GCA, which wants to cover up its armament efforts, is trying to attribute the tension experienced in and around the Island to Motherland Turkey with baseless claims.

It is seen that the Greek Cypriot administration has signed a sales agreement with France for attack helicopters and has increased its efforts to procure missile systems, radar systems and other military equipment. In addition to increasing the supply of weapons and military excercises in the recent period, the Greek Ministry of Defense and the Greek Army, which even had the Greek clergy perform target practice, continue to place heavy weapon positions on the border line of the Island. It is clear that the Greek Cypriot administration, which continues the increase of its armament activities, is the only responsible party for the escalation of the tension in and around the Island.

We have a policy that we carry out to ensure an environment of good neighborliness and peace. However, we would like to remind you once again, that we will never give up our determination to protect our rights and interests together with Motherland Turkey in the face of the threats of the Greek Cypriot Administration.