Regarding the current stage of the Yiğitler – Pile road construction, Greek Cypriot side has been making various statements that are incompatible with the facts on the ground. It is obvious that these false and distorted statements are made with the intention of creating false perceptions.

As announced, following intensive meetings with the UNFICYP, an understanding had been reached with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Cyprus, Mr. Colin Stewart, regarding the construction of the road, that was started to be built with the aim of overcoming the difficulties endured by our citizens living in Pile for many years.

The Greek Cypriot leadership, which has tried and failed to turn the issue into a bargaining chip with unrelated issues, is now attempting to portray the agreement reached as a victory of its own and as a step which will allow the UNFICYP to expand its authority in the region.

We would like to point out that we didn’t back down from our position and/or made any concessions regarding the Pile region. We emphasize, once again, that our rightful position regarding the region is well-maintained.

Greek Cypriot side is clearly uncomfortable with the understanding reached and is trying to disrupt the implementation of the road project by creating false perceptions by manipulation of the media. Greek Cypriot leadership is trying to provoke the TRNC, so that we would react to these so-called “leaked” statements. TRNC authorities’ sole purpose with this project is to redress the humanitarian needs of our people in the region. Turkish Cypriot side is determined to maintain its constructive and responsible attitude with a view to complete this road project as soon as possible.

We regret the various statements made by some segments in the TRNC, who are influenced by the misperception that the Greek Cypriot side is trying to create. The process is still ongoing and some elements will be finalized during this process. We will continue to support, with a constructive approach, the steps that would be taken which will respect the status of Pile and which will benefit all residents of Pile. On the other hand, as we have stated many times before, there is a legal obligation which requires that all plans and projects regarding the buffer zone in Cyprus should be carried out with our knowledge and approval, in this perspective we will make sure that this legal obligation is respected by all parties.

It would be in the best interest of all parties to refrain from making statements that has the potential of harming the process.