As is known, the Pile – Yiğitler road project was prepared with the purpose of easing access of our citizens living in the village of Pile to the TRNC, as well as their own lands in Pile, with a purely humanitarian purpose. The need for this project has been repeatedly communicated to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) over the past 25 years, and the roadworks were recently launched after the necessary notifications were issued.

An understanding was reached with the UNFICYP, after extensive negotiations, on 9 October, 2023 regarding the construction of the Yiğitler – Pile road.

The road construction works which was started from the village of Yiğitler are currently underway. As promised, the road project which will make the lives of Turkish Cypriots living in Pile easier, will be completed in the shortest possible timeframe.

As we have underscored during our discussions with UNFICYP, the Turkish Cypriot side will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the road is not used for purposes of irregular migration or smuggling.

As it has done in the past, TRNC will not stand in the way of projects which could contribute to the improvement of the lives of all residents of Pile, as long as all relevant sides are duly consulted. As such, we will continue to support, in a constructive manner, the development of projects which will be beneficial to all residents of Pile, and that will respect the status of the village. We would like to emphasize once again that, it is a legal obligation that all plans and projects in the buffer zone should be carried out with our knowledge and consent. Our State will continue to monitor the situation on the ground using the necessary tools it has, so that this legal obligation is respected by the relevant parties.

As the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, we would like to remind that a fair, realistic and sustainable solution on the island is only possible through good neighborly relations that will be based on cooperation between two independent States.