We condemn the drilling activity conducted by the Greek Cypriot administration in the unilaterally declared so-called block 6.

With its unilateral activities, the Greek Cypriot administration continues to violate the equal rights of the Turkish Cypriot people over the natural resources of the island and exacerbate tension in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the island instead of engaging in cooperation.

Our proposal dated 13 July 2019 envisaging cooperation and equitable share of hydrocarbons, is still on the table.

We expect the Greek Cypriot administration to positively respond to our proposal and cease its unilateral activities immediately. If it fails to do so, as the Turkish Cypriot side, we will continue resolutely to undertake hydrocarbon activities in the blocks licensed in 2011 on the basis of our inherent rights. There should be no controversy in that.

In addition, we will continue to support Turkey’s proposal of 2020 which envisages convening of a comprehensive conference with the participation of all relevant parties in the Eastern Mediterranean, including the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.