The Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus (GCA) signed an “exploration and production sharing contract” with the ExxonMobil – Qatar Petroleum consortium, in relation to the license for so-called “block 5”, which was unilaterally declared by the GCA. Such unilateral actions of the Greek Cypriot side confirm which party opts to pursue tension in the region.

This unilateral step, disregarding all our warnings, reaffirms the Greek Cypriot administration’s usurpation of the rights of the Turkish Cypriot People, as well as the denial of those of Turkey in the region.

It is not possible for us to stand idly by and watch the deliberate efforts of the Greek Cypriot side to escalate tension in the Eastern Mediterranean region and to ignore all the constructive proposals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Republic of Turkey regarding hydrocarbon resources in the area.

In the face of the Greek Cypriot side’s persistence to carry out such activities, we, in collaboration with Motherland Turkey, will continue to resolutely protect and preserve our rights and interests in the region.