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While politicians in TRNC are dealing with presidential elections, religious leaders of both communities met yesterday for building peace. Meeting between the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church Chrysostomos and Head of the Department of Religious Affairs of TRNC (mufti) Talip Atalay took place under the auspices of the Embassy of Sweden. Religious leaders gave warm poses before the meeting which took place at the building of the Greek Archbishopric and have discussed the contributions to be made for peace. The head of the Religious Affairs Talip Atalay told the Dialog newspaper, that they have had a positive meeting with the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church Chrysostomos yesterday. Indicating that the religious leaders of both communities have come together before the negotiations that are aiming to solve the Cyprus problem, and are expected to start in May, Atalay stated that they have achieved a consensus with Chrysostomos about providing as much contribution as possible to the negotiators. As a result of their talks with Chrysostomos, Atalay emphasized that they have come a long way at the subject of repairing worship places belonging to both communities and said that they have discussed religious tolerance, mutual agreement which can contribute to solve problems on the Island and contribution of religious leaders for creating an atmosphere for peace yesterday with Chrysostomos whom he hasn’t met for a while. “Our meetings with Chrysostomos provided both spiritual support for negotiations conducted to solve the Cyprus Problem and also enabled worship with peace on both sides, South Cyprus and North Cyprus. This is a positive development.”

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