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Minister of Food, Agriculture and Energy Önder Sennaroğlu expressed that a solution method which gives the authority only to the Greek Cypriot side to supervise the Turkish Cypriot hellim producers cannot be accepted.

Sennaroğlu stated that the issue of Hellim registration in the EU should be solved by a common agreement that will include the Turkish Cypriots in cooperation with the EU. Evaluating the statement of Kouyialis as unacceptable, Sennaroğlu said that Kouyialis insisted on Greek Cypriot side’s full and effective supervision.

Furthermore, adding that Greek Cypriot side is continuing to use hellim registration as a political instrument, Sennaroğlu said that their approach is against the Joint Statement dated 11 February 2014, and the Greek Cypriot side is trying to make the Turkish Cypriot hellim producers accept the Greek Cypriots’ sovereignty by force.

Expressing his wish for the solution of hellim registration issue within the framework of confidence building measures, Sennaroğlu said that an agreement to be reached will encourage a partnership understanding and will help to reach an agreement in the island.

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