Representatives of Lefke Platform visited the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ozdil Nami on 4th October and asked for support on the issue of the opening of the Aplıc Gate.

At the meeting Lefke Platform submitted a letter to Nami in which they expressed their opinions related to the opening of Aplıc Gate.

It was stressed in the letter that each gate opened between the two sides contributed to peace in the island.

In the letter it was mentioned that there was no doubt that the Aplıc Gate would also contribute to peace and added that at the south of the Aplıc Gate there were Maratasa and Kafizes Dams  which provided irrigation water to Lefke and there were also Yeraces fountains which provided drinking water to  Lefke Center and Baglıkoy region and these belonged to the people of Lefke and Bağlıköy therefore in order to control the water plants and sources in the region the Aplıc Gate was very important for them.