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Greek Cypriot daily Politis reported that the Greek Cypriots are not happy with the so called “Republic of Cyprus” and almost half of them characterized the Republic as a banana republic, according to the survey conducted throughout South Cyprus by Nicosia University between 9-11 September.

According to the survey; while 41% of the participants characterized the “Republic of Cyprus” as a “Banana Republic”, 50% assessed the Republic as being “semi democratic” and having an “authoritarian political system.”

According to the news; the participants marked the democracy 5.3 out of 10 and South Cyprus was placed as 73rd among 167 countries in the world in terms of democracy. 92% of the participants stated that they prefer the democratic system rather than the other regimes. While 53% of the participants stated that the Republic of Cyprus has lots of problems and deficiencies, the other 33% mentioned the Republic’s success.

The participants expressed that the most democratic period was the presidency of Tasos Papadopulos and the worst period in terms of democracy was the presidency of Dimitris Hristofyas.

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