The statement made by the European External Action Service on 12 November 2022 constitutes a clear indication that the European Union is not only a counterpart to the Cyprus question but against all vested rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people. The delusion of the European Union that they can govern our future in accordance with their interests has reached an intolerable level with this statement regarding our observer membership to the Organization of Turkic States.

It is simply beyond the pale that the European Union assumes the right to reject the statements of Türkiye declaring the decision of the Organization of Turkic States or to warn the member states of the Organization, when it cannot even control its own members. In fact, the EU has fallen victim to its own bigotry against the existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and compromised its own credibility in spite of being well aware of the fact that it has no right to interfere with the doings of another international organization.

The aspects of the EU statement that directly relates to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are not only unacceptable but factually wrong. The flawed and biased policies of the EU cannot change the reality that the TRNC is a democratic State established by the Turkish Cypriot people, exercising their ever existing right to self-determination as well as their other inherent and vested rights, also acknowledged by the 1960 International Agreements, such as sovereign equality and equal international status.

It is now our final calls on the European Union that continues to overlook the right to self-determination as well as the other inherent and vested rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people, and the undeniable fact that Turkish Cypriot people has at least an equal right to say as the Greek Cypriot side, over the future of the island of Cyprus. EU continues to add new links to the chain of wrong decisions it started by finalizing the unilateral membership of the Greek Cypriot side. This state of affairs is reaching a magnitude that can lead to a deadlock which bears the risk of detriment to all, including foremost the member states. Neither the Greek Cypriots nor the EU has the right or the authority to dictate any kind of solution to the Cyprus problem.

In awareness of the foregoing realities, as the Turkish Cypriot side, our belief continues to strengthen that at the reached stage a two-state solution is the most appropriate and result bearing model. The present EU statement reflects its discomfort in the face of the realization that our new vision is finding ground and its biased approach is starting to loose effect.

It is high time the European Union puts an end to its policies directed at pressuring, restricting their rights in all areas and making the Turkish Cypriot side and people pay a price for using their free will towards a two-state solution. In essence, the most treasured European values themselves call for an immediate end to this unjust approach.

As the TRNC Government, we wish to take this occasion to declare that unless the European Union ceases its current approach, we are determined to revise all options and to restructure our relations with the European Union in a rapid manner.