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Roelf Meyer, who is regarded as one of the main architects in South Africa as a negotiator stated that he sees a positive tendency for peace in Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot daily Phileleftheros quoted the interview with Meyer and noted that Meyer has close ties with Cyprus and has been following the Cyprus problem since 1997.

Meyer stated that for the first time there is a window of opportunity for the solution of the Cyprus problem because there are leaders on both sides who want peace and added that there will be a great loss if this opportunity is not used.

Replying to the question “how the red lines in the negotiations were overcome”, Meyer said that each side should accept that they cannot exactly acquire what they want and stated that in order to achieve the win-win situation, something should be given and at the same time something should be obtained for creating a winning situation for both sides.

Replying to the question “what is the biggest problem of the Cyprus issue?” Meyer pointed out that he has two experiences in such a situation, one is fear; for the Greek Cypriots, the fear about what they will give and for the Turkish Cypriots, the fear about what they will not obtain.

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