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Russia wants the same military facilities from the Greek Cypriot Administration which is provided to France and Germany. According to the news of the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, indicating that they met with the Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis yesterday, the Russian Ambassador to South Cyprus Stanislav Osatchiy said, “We want the same facilities that France and Germany have. We expect to sign an agreement soon.”

Although Russia has bases and ships in Syria, the newspaper indicated that Russia wants to keep South Cyprus in its hand as an option. The newspaper also pointed out that there is no reason why the Greek Cypriot Administration should not provide the same facilities to Russia which supports their thesis on the Cyprus issue.

According to the newspaper, Osatchiy handled the Moscow’s position during yesterday’s meeting with EDEK and Citizens Alliance where the developments of the Turkey-Russia relationship was discussed in the context of the tension in the relations.

EDEK leader Marinos Sizopulos expressed to Osatchiy that the Greek Cypriot Administration should also provide the same military facilities to Moscow as provided to France within the framework of the cooperation of Russia and France against the ISID.

The leader of the Citizens Alliance Giorgos Lillikas told about the letter which was sent to the President of the Greek Parliament and all parties in order to produce a parliamentary decision to sign a defense agreement with Russia on military facilities.

Stating that Moscow will support South Cyprus now as in the past, especially in the UN Security Council and on the issue of guarantees, Osatchiy argued that the UN Security Council could provide guarantees.

On the other hand; Greek Cypriot Daily Simerini reported that the Greek Foreign Minister denied that Russia asked military for facilities from the Greek side last November but Ambassador Osatchiy confirmed this claim yesterday.

Furthermore, Greek Cypriot Daily Politis reported that the statement of Osatchiy created big trouble.



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