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President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and Minister for Europe David Lidington congratulates Akıncı on his election to the Presidency and they gave warm wishes to him.

According to the written statement from the Press Office Mustafa Akıncı, Schulz and Lidington stated that the result of the election brings new hope to them which creates a window of opportunity for contribution to the future of Cyprus and they also expressed that they will continue their friendly and constructive cooperation in the following process.

Mustafa Akıncı pointed out that Turkish Cypriot community tends towards Europe and they have already been European individually due to the result of referendum ten years ago even if they cannot take place within the European institutions socially.

Akıncı added that he will pull out all the stops for the Turkish Cypriot community in order to take its place within the European institutions in the future and to reach a fair, permanent and comprehensive solution based on equality. Akıncı also stated that constructive dialogue which will be established between Europe and the Turkish Cypriot side will contribute to the process.

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