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It was stated that the case opened by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry against companies that make Hellim production and trade in Turkey and seeking for a friendly solution on the second case is continuing.

The President of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry Ali Çıralı made a statement to Cyprus newspaper and said that the first case was opened against “Sütaş” and production was stopped with a court order. But the company continues to produce the same product under the name “Fried cheese” he said. Regarding the second case Ali Çıralı noted that production stopped with the decision of the court, but he did not give the company’s name because of its request for a friendly solution. Çıralı said that there are approximately 10 companies in Turkey which produce under the name of “Hellim” and they will open more cases against them but each case is costing about a hundred thousand Turkish Liras.

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