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Greek Cypriot socialist EDEK leader Marinos Sizopulos leaked the reports of National Council which comprised of the agreements between the Greek Cypriot Administration leader Nikos Anastasiades and President Mustafa Akıncı.

The Greek Cypriot radio announced that some information about the issues on which Anastasiades and Akıncı have reached compromise was declared by Sizopulos at a press conference yesterday.

Sizopulos criticised Anastasiades over his handling of the Cyprus talks and some of the confidential items being discussed on the agenda of the negotiating table. He also expressed that the public had a right to know the truth. Above all, he felt he has the responsibility and duty to inform the Cypriot public on what is going on behind their backs regarding the negotiations for solving the Cyprus problem.

The Greek Cypriot Administration leader Nikos Anastasiades indicated that it was “an unacceptable act” that Sizopulos revealed the reports of the National Council and especially published “secret reports.”

According to the Greek Cypriot sources; in his published reports Sizopulos included the formation of the Constitutional Court, lawyers that will be sent to the EU judicial organs, the categories in which the citizens will be distributed in the new state, the property, formation of the government (The Senate and the federal Assembly) and formation of the Public Service Commission.

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