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Socialist Kudret Akay announced results of the survey on political trends conducted in December 2014 in order to determine the preferences of Turkish Cypriots regarding the mentality and solution model for the Cyprus problem. Akay stated that, as a result of the survey, it appeared that Turkish Cypriots adopted a solution model based on the pragmatic interests, not a solution model based on peace, brotherhood and a common country with the Greek Cypriots.

Stating that the concepts like peace, brotherhood, the EU membership and common country which are perceived or emphasized with a solution are replaced with other parameters, Akay pointed out that when the Greek Cypriots rejected the solution model in 2004 referendum, a process of alienation towards the solution model shaped with these concepts started for the Turkish Cypriots.

Survey indicates that 62.7% of the TRNC voters want a bi-zonal and bi-communal federal solution as it is generally defined by the UN; on the other hand 60.1% of the voters do not believe that this model can be achieved.

93.7% of the TRNC voters believe that it is impossible to reach a solution disapproved by Turkey and 63.1% of the voters are in favor of the continuation of the existing rights of guarantorship.

57.5 % of the voters expressed the opinion that Turkish military should exist in the island even after a solution.

Percentage of the voters who are against settlement of the Greek Cypriots in the Turkish Cypriot side is 67.1% and 60.5% expressed that they are against the restitution of the properties to the Greek Cypriots.

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