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International Relations expert Prof. Dr Ahmet Sözen, who made some evaluations for the Turkish Cypriot daily Kıbrıs Postası, said that good progress has been made in the Cyprus negotiations. 

Stating that more work needs to be done on a technical level, Sözen said that at least one more year is needed for reaching a possible settlement. Sözen stated that a new constitution and legislation needs to be prepared for the federal state to be established in case of a settlement. Stating that it important, how prepared the both communities on the road to a settlement, Sözen said that a new range of Confidence Building Measures has to be introduced and the co-operation between the two communities needs to be encouraged. Sözen said: “The people should see that a mutual co-operation is possible. They need to be prepared for a settlement. If there will be a federation, the co-operation between the two communities needs to be encouraged until the referendum”.

Stating that reaching a compromise on the property issue at the negotiation table would be the most important technical step, Sözen said that properties have to be categorized as restitution, exchange and compensation. He also said: “Leaders are at the beginning of the road on the property issue. They have not discussed yet what would be returned, exchanged or compensated. Who would have the last word?  The original owner or the current owner? It would take time to discuss all these”. 

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