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The former negotiators Osman Ertuğ and Ergün Olgun made a joint statement and they evaluated the statements made by President Mustafa Akıncı at the press meeting held on 29 December and also the Greek Cypriot side’s reaction regarding these statements.

It was stressed that Akıncı’s attitude and position put forth on the issues of political equality, bi-zonality, security and guarantees and Confidence Building Measures are enough to prepare the atmosphere for the reconciliation. It was also stressed that continuation of showing determination on these issues is essential.

In the statement, it was underlined that it is also essential to remove the uncertainty on the issue of property, to protect bi-zonality, to solve the issue of property through exchange and compensation, to make the necessary arrangements not to make a great number of people affected by that issue and not to corrupt the socio-economic structure composed within decades. It was also stressed that Akıncı’s insistence on the rotating presidency which is an essential element of the political equality is a right decision.

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