The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is closely following the developments regarding the planned protest of the Greek Cypriot farmers with their vehicles, to be held on 7 December, Saturday in the Bostancı Crossing Point region.

The Turkish Cypriot side believes that continuation of tranquillity in the Island carries a great importance especially at a time when there is an expectation towards the resumption of the negotiation process. Bearing in mind that rise of tension in the Buffer Zone would cause damage to the relations between the two sides and the political atmosphere, we invite the Greek Cypriot administration to avoid such actions by respecting the status of the Buffer Zone, to refrain from policies which might create tension and to display the necessary stance in case of such actions.

The Turkish Cypriot side maintains the view that the leaderships of both sides should motivate their peoples towards a settlement and create the basis necessary for two peoples to live together in peace and harmony. The Turkish Cypriot side, on its part, is doing the best to take all the necessary steps towards this end. We expect the Greek Cypriot side to take the required measures as such provocative actions will not contribute to the trust building measures between the two sides.

Our expectation from the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus is to take all necessary steps to prevent any possible violation of the Buffer Zone and the agricultural safety line.

The Turkish Cypriot side, therefore, deems it necessary to underline that, in case the Greek Cypriot farmers violate our borders, all the necessary legal measures would be taken.

5 December 2013,