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EU Commissioner Responsible for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Hristos Stilianidis said that Turkey contributed to establish a positive atmosphere in Cyprus negotiations.2014 Turkey Progress Report was discussed at the General Assembly of the European Parliament in Strasburg. Stilianidis said that Turkey is spending efforts to decrease the disputes in the Middle East by accepting 2 million Syrians and Iraqi refugees and by humanitarian aids that’s why Turkey deserves EU’s full support. Speaking during the General Assembly, EP Turkey rapporteur Dutch parliamentarian Kati Piri stated that Turkey is a strategic partner of the EU and added “EU should continue to be a model for reforms in Turkey. We think that dialogue with Turkey should be strengthened”. Stressing that EU supports Turkey’s accession negotiations, Piri said that they encourage Turkey to proceed in negotiations. Furthermore, indicating that Turkey has an important role in solution of refugee problem, Piri said “Turkish government is hosting much more refugees than the other countries of the world. We support Turkey’s efforts in solution process but we have concerns on the issue”.

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