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Secretary General of Democrat Party United Forces (DP-UG) Hasan Taçoy stated that statements of Greek Cypriot authorities regarding sovereignty, TRNC citizens and property decrease hopes for a viable agreement in Cyprus. Expressing that the attitude of President Akıncı as a negotiator is a very important point, Taçoy said that answers should be given to these questions as soon as possible. “Is the Turkish Cypriot side at the stage of exchange, compensation and limited restitution on the issue of property? “What are criteria of the Turkish Cypriot side on property issue”? “Is there any difference from Eroğlu period’s criteria?” “Who has taken place in the property committee”? “Will there be any discrimination between the TRNC citizens”? Furthermore, Taçoy stated “It is time to give a decision in Cyprus and we should reach a solution but not as Greek Cypriot side demands. The result should not deprive the Turkish Cypriot people from their territory, houses and works. An agreement to be reached should be in accordance with the UN parameters and a viable agreement which will provide our security and socio-economic development”.

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