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The Secretary General of the Democrat Party National Forces, Hasan Taçoy stated: “The statements of the Greek Cypriot administration authorities and political party leaders show that they have no intention to compromise on the basis of the realities in Cyprus regarding the Cyprus issue, that’s why it is now time for the Turkish Cypriot side to make a new assessment”.

Maintaining that the statements of the Greek Cypriot administration authorities and the political party leaders clearly show that they never want an effective and de facto guarantee of Turkey and they want to remove the Turkish troops completely from the island and when it is a matter of threat to life and property of Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots put forward a scheme that Turkey will not be able to make a military intervention in Cyprus even unilaterally, Taçoy stated that the Greek Cypriots are not in favour of a new partnership.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriot side did not put forward a more reasonable opinion compared to the past in any of the six chapters which were being discussed ; Taçoy stated  that’s why if they do not give concessions to the Greek Cypriots, a settlement will not be close, and it is almost impossible.

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