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UN Peacekeeping Force officials were invited to our Ministry today regarding the two personnel of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (BMBG) stationed on the island, who caused damages and complaints on a beach in Famagusta the previous day. The incident was strongly protested by our Ministry.

The officials of our Ministry requested from the UN officials to investigate the incident in collaboration with the TRNC General Directorate of Police, in a serious and prompt manner and to compensate the damage caused to the enterprise without delay. Moreover, the petition of the owner was conveyed to UN regarding the compensation of the damage.

During the meeting, it was reminded that the UN Peacekeeping Force is present as a guest in our country and its members must abide by the rules and laws of our country. This incident actually proves how right the TRNC is in its insistence on reaching a legal agreement between the UN and the TRNC regulating the activities of UNFICYP in our territory.