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Lazaros Mavros, whose name was on the forged passport found during the capture of the terrorist leader Abdullah Öcalan, has appeared shamelessly holding a gun at a military exercise in the Greek Cypriot administration. We strongly condemn this move of the Greek Cypriot side within the scope of its recent provocative military activities, including the shooting practice of the Greek Cypriot priests.

The support given to the bloody terrorist organization PKK, which has killed thousands of our brothers and sisters in Türkiye for years, is a clear indication that the Greek Cypriot side is pursuing a policy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It has been understood that the Greek Cypriot administration is only paying a lip service to building a peaceful future, as it aims to damage Türkiye’s national interests and clinch enmity towards Turks.

Greek Cypriot administration’s challenging stance not only disrupts the peace and stability in the region, but also deepens the mistrust between the sides.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is determined to protect the political rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot People with the support of the Motherland Turkey, the sole protector of its security on the Island.